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For Baby's Health - The Best Organic Crib Mattress

Organic Crib Mattress

By William Love

Babies spend 16 hours sleeping. That is why any parent who cares about their baby's health would like to make sure that every item baby used on his crib is not harmful to their health or development. The primary focus to consider is the crib's mattress because it's where baby lies on most of the time. Parents who value earth-friendly products or push for sustainability should enjoy the benefits of having an organic crib mattress for their babies.

So what is it exactly that makes an organic crib mattress a must buy baby product for parents? The first thing to look into is the materials that make it up. Most of the traditional baby crib mattresses are made from materials like plywood and they are sealed in with the use toxic substances like formaldehyde, which is what baby will be breathing as he lays on his crib's mattress. These baby mattresses also contain PBDE or Polybrominated diphenyl ether, a flame retardant that is linked to SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and most cases of cancer.

Organic baby crib mattresses are made of 100% organic substances such as organic cotton, organically grown wool, or natural rubber. With organic crib mattresses, you as a parent are assured that your baby's bedding is non-toxic and non-irritating as well as hypoallergenic and antibacterial. No matter how long baby is laid on the crib mattress, he won't be susceptible to rashes and any unhealthy skin condition as well as chemicals that might cause respiratory problems or bacteria that might bring in diseases.

Organic crib mattresses are also free from harsh dyes and metals that may contain chemicals that cause respiratory problems and other more serious health complications after a prolonged exposure. The sealant used for these organic crib mattresses is not formaldehyde but tree-based oil; hence it does not cause any irritation to the respiratory system. You can also choose organic crib mattresses whose natural materials are resistant to moisture build-up which makes it easy to clean or wash. A great crib mattress will take the shape of your baby's body, serving as a blanket when he gets cold.

Some great brands of organic crib mattresses also come with organic bumpers and comforters that are made of the same organic substances. You may think that because it is organic it would have a queer look; on the contrary, you can find organic crib mattresses of stylish and sleek designs which are more pleasing to the eyes than any synthetic material.

Having organic baby crib mattresses will give any parent peace of mind, him being assured that no matter how long his baby stays asleep on his crib, there are no harmful elements that may cause him illness or any respiratory complication.

I am William A. Love. I am working as a Chemist, here in Miami. I have been pretty much interested in the field of organic crib mattress and have been digging deep into organic crib mattress and The results of my studies are all presented in this site here: http://www.organiccribmattressset.com
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Organic Crib Mattress

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